Wes Anderson’s visual blueprint has become iconic, thanks to his charming films that play on nostalgia and feature carefully thought out design, pastel hues, symmetrical framing and vintage set dressings. With his work celebrated the world over, travelers and film fans have been scouting different locations and taking images across every continent that conjure up the same feeling as one of his scenes, and now, the project has been assembled in one book called Accidentally Wes Anderson

Not only a celebration of Anderson’s style, the book acts as an atlas of interesting and unique locations that people can visit in real life. The book even has a foreword written by the director himself where he thanks the collaborators and states, “there must be about 200 locations here, which should keep me busy for several decades. I now understand what it means to be accidentally myself. Thank you. I am still confused what it means to be deliberately me, if that is even what I am, but that is not important.”

Crawley Boat House
Crawley Edge Boatshed in Perth, Australia © James Wong

Put together by Wally Koval, the creator of the viral Instagram account of the same name that now boasts over one million followers, the book focuses on the most interesting and idiosyncratic places on Earth inspired by the vision of Wes Anderson. The account began in 2017 as a personal travel bucket list, a catalog of visually-striking and historically-unique destinations that look as if they could have been lifted from The Royal Tenenbaums or Grand Budapest Hotel.

Postmaster Alaska
Post office in Wrangell, Alaska © Robin Petravic & Catherine Bailey

Images and locations in the book span every continent, and include quirky landmarks, old hotels, swimming spots, stores, homes and public transport. There are contributions from people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Scenes include a wooden pancake stand in Krka National Park, Croatia from the 1980s, guards at Amer Fort in Rajasthan, India, a blue boatshed in Perth, Australia that sits along at the end of a long boardwalk in the water and a yellow tram in Lisbon, Portugal. 

hotel Opera
Hotel Opera in Prague, Czech Republic © Valentina Jacks

Accidentally Wes Anderson is due for release in October.

More information is available at the Little, Brown and Company website. The book is also available for pre-order now.

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