The Rocky Mountains

Welcome to where the US takes on truly epic proportions. Here in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, the Great Plains of the American West collide with the drama-filled Rockies, one of the most beautiful mountain ranges on earth. You'll lose count of how often you look up and have the beauty of what you see bid you silent.

The region's Native American story brings to life landscapes where tribes lived and hunted for thousands of years in a land littered with poignant battlefield memorials. Elsewhere, the Rockies specialises in cool urban centres where culinary excellence meets microbreweries, from Boise to Jackson, Missoula to Denver.

But it's the call of the wild that reigns out here in the realm of grizzlies and wolves, elk and bison. Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks are simply extraordinary, and there are few limits on possible ways to get out and explore them.

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